Meet Gill

Qualified Bowen Technique Therapist and Reiki Master


Thanks for visiting my site.  I have had an interest in complementary therapies for all of my working life as a nurse.  I feel they go hand in hand with conventional medicine and can benefit each other.

I trained to be a Bowen Techinque therapist with the European College of Bowen Studies.  The college ensures that therapists are trained to a high standard as we have to undertake a written and practical exam as well as presenting case studies we have carried out over a few months.

Any information taken from a consultation is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.  Physical wellbeing has an impact on mental health and vice versa and an holistic approach to treating people is important.

We are all individuals and any treatments are based on the needs of each person.  

Therapy treatments are not recommended when having ongoing physiotherapy and other treatments, i.e. massage, are not recommended within a week of Bowen Technique therapy.  This is to enable the therapist to assess any improvements of the treatment given.  

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