Reiki originates from Japan and was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui.  He was a Japanese born Buddhist monk.  It has been described as a form of spiritual energy.  Reiki comes from the Japanese word 'Rei' which means Universal life and 'Ki' which means energy.

The energy passes through the Reiki giver and can be perceived to be coming from the earth, hence the meaning of universal energy.

The therapist will choose whether to give the treatment as hands on the client or work in the clients aura, just above the body, or both, at different intervals.

The treatment is given with the client fully dressed and made comfortable using blankets, as necessary.

Background music, especially designed for Reiki, is quietly playing in the background to assist the client in relaxation.

  • A brief history is taken and a treatment is given through clothing.
    1 hr
    40 British pounds