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Reiki , crystal therapy and reflexology services available in Cardiff

Welcome to my website
Reiki, Distance Reiki (Human & Animal Clients), Crystal Therapy & Reflexology, based in the Cardiff area.

In modern society, a significant number of people are turning to Holistic and Alternative therapies in an attempt to assist with the relief of certain health problems commonly attributed to stress.

The therapies available are not intended to be a replacement for conventional medicine, but may be able to offer the client a reduction in stress levels and help them to achieve a greater sense of relaxation and wellbeing, leaving them feeling more equipped to cope with the challenges of daily life. Many clients report a feeling of heightened relaxation, linked with an incresed energy level after received treatment.

At present, please be advised that I am only able to accommodate a 'ladies only' clientele for all 'hands on' therapies. Distant Reiki is available to all.

Please see the individual pages on this site for further information about the specific therapies available. Alternatively, please feel free to call me for an informal chat and to discuss how Gentle Therapies may help you.


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Prices start at £25. Each consultation is individually priced.

Please note that all my services are available to ladies only.